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Romance Novel With Original Music

  Ali Kurmi is a DJ and songwriter. For most of his adult life he's been hiding a huge secret. A chance meeting with an older woman at one of his gigs instantly changes everything. Suddenly, he sees a way to break free from his coercive father and chase his musical dreams. Charismatic Laura O'Brien comes with tragic baggage - but also a huge bank balance.
   With such different ages and cultural backgrounds neither expected to fall so helplessly in love. Ali is inspired to write more music - and funded by Laura, pursues a place in the unwelcoming music business. Laura just wants to put her recently-acquired vast wealth to philanthropic use. So why are all these people trying to destroy them? What have they done to deserve such cruelty?

Listen To The Music – COOLSTAR

Ali Kurmi is an ambitious songwriter and producer – but his music doesn't conform to mainstream genres. Determined to succeed, he hatches a plan to find a place in the unwelcoming music business. His band Coolstar is his vehicle. Check out Ali's music on the companion album simultaneously released with this book. On all major streaming platforms and downloads.


neil mccormick“Fatal Equation. I tried a musical novel hybrid with my own #Zero, which I spotted in a charity shop today & note has (checks stats) 1 monthly listener on Spotify. Better luck to the talented @gethynjonesuk with his bold take on an underpopulated genre. Check it out.” Neil McCormick, Daily Telegraph.


“ A brilliant holiday read. I always take a new book to read on holiday! This has something for everyone. Romance, family feuds, success! A feel good book everyone can enjoy!!” Verified Review

“I absolutely love this book. It has everything you could possibly wish for ... can't wait for the next one! Thank you Gethyn Jones.” D. Hampshire

“I could certainly get used to living the lifestyle of the super rich, but dealing with the fallout from contentious bequests and grasping beneficiaries, I don't know whether they'll all make it out alive! Highly recommended as an enjoyable, absorbing read. ” S Archibald

“This has the making of a great TV drama and the surprise inclusion of six superb musical tracks by musicans collectively called CoolStar make this a good story to read. All good luck with it.” J. Cross

“What sets Fatal Equation apart from other age gap romance novels is its fast-paced action, unique plot, and its well-developed characters. The protagonists are a strong and intelligent woman and a man with a strong moral compass.

“The villains are equally well-drawn, with each member of the family having their own unique motivations and personalities. Overall, if you enjoy romance novels with intense action, likeable characters, a romance that will have you swooning, and a twisty plot, then Fatal Equation is the perfect book for you.

“Gethyn Jones has crafted an exciting and engaging romance novel that is sure to leave you wanting more. And if you do want more, head over to Gethyn's website to check out the accompanying EP.” Epic Book Society, Best Age Gap Romance Books

gethyn jones

The Author

Gethyn spent 30 years as a producer, presenter and journalist – primarily in BBC local radio and latterly in commercial radio and community TV.

He's also an accomplished songwriter and producer, having been part of JUGG Music which, in its day, provided music for a variety of BBC and ITV programmes.

Fast-forward to 2018, determined to find a place for his music, he began work on the trilogy, Fatal Equation – a music album, TV drama proposal and novel.

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