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Fatal Equation

Ali, a DJ-songwriter meets and falls for an older woman at a corporate gig. Laura O'Brien is recently widowed and extremely rich and doing her best to turn her troubled life around. The unlikely couple fall in love, but soon hit serious problems; death threats from a drug cartel, an arranged marriage for Ali – and Laura's desperate step-children hell-bent on revenge and reparation.

Feelgood ... Heartbreaking ... Joyful ... Tense ...

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Ali Kurmi is an ambitious songwriter and producer – but his music doesn't conform to mainstream genres. Determined to succeed, he hatches a plan find a place in the unwelcoming music business. His band Coolstar is his vehicle. Check out Ali's music on the companion EP simultaneously released with this book.

gethyn jones

The Author

Gethyn spent 30 years as a producer, presenter and journalist – primarily in BBC local radio and latterly in commercial radio and community TV.

He's also an accomplished songwriter and producer, having been part of JUGG Music which, in its day, provided music for a variety of BBC and ITV programmes.

Fast-forward to 2018, determined to find a place for his music, he began work on the trilogy, Fatal Equation – a music album, TV drama proposal and novel.

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