The Music


What an absolute blast Fatal Equation has turned into – getting to create and produce music and combine it with other media. I've so enjoyed having the opportunity.

The deliberately upbeat novel I believe, stands happily on its own – and I hope people will feel the warmth of the characters, Ali and Laura. I've enjoyed writing about two very likeable people who have battled their way through their lives and find pure joy in their differences and passion for each other.

Music is a fundamental part of this story and indeed triggered the whole project. It doesn't take a detective to realise that there's a lot of me in Ali Kurmi and his band Coolstar, apart from his good looks and age, that is. We both like writing songs with a good hook and we're not ashamed of it. We're hard to separate because our music refuses to follow the whims of current music trends – and we're both trying to find a way of reaching people who might enjoy it – if they only had the chance to hear it.

The album features all the tracks from the book - and more ...

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new album from coolstar - cover
Fatal Equation
How Could I Be So Wrong?
In Paradise

All songs by Gethyn Jones Copyright © 2020